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Hello & Welcome,

I'm Aman Gill, a mom, wife, business woman and philanthropist dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people and communities to turn obstacles into opportunities. I'm also the Owner of Express Employment Professionals Abbotsford.

I tragically lost both my parents at a young age so I feel everyday is an opportunity and love sharing that message. Being from policing family in India, we understand the risks but we can never imagine they will come to fruition. My father lost is life in the line of duty. For a brief and inspiring moment, I saw the leadership power woman have when the decks were stacked against my mom. She took over the role of becoming the bread winner and pursued a career as a Geography professor. All while trying to raise 3 young daughters. Little did I know the ground she studied as geologist would be pulled out from underneath her soon as well. She would succumb to cancer shortly after my Dad passed away.

I know opportunity lies in difficult times, because that’s where I’ve seen so many forms of leadership and perseverance be born. I found myself in an unimaginable situation, orphaned in my early teens with two younger sisters.

It’s been a long journey, where I am thankful for the lessons learned. I’m forever grateful to my relatives for sponsoring us, and Canada for taking us in. I know what hard work can do when you are given the most basic of opportunities. 

I’m more inspired than ever to share that message with the world. I know we all need to be reminded of the power of the human spirit at times and the that tiniest glimmer of hope can get people to realize what they are capable of.

The hard work never stops, but it pays off. I'm a business owner of Express Employment Professionals and with a background in Wealth Management with one of Canada’s largest and most respected big bank, where my husband works to ensure we fulfill our mission of dedicating our lives to building and preserving generational wealth, so other families and communities can prosper long term. I know what it feels like to just survive, that’s why I want the people around me to thrive and have meaningful careers. My show taps into the personal component, to encourage that individuals are on purpose, inspired and can see the greener pastures on the other side at all times.

I actively and whole heartedly give back to the causes that touch me personally. I’ve served on the Abbotsford Police Board, the British Columbia Association of Police Boards. I’m also a member of the Crystal Gala Foundation, which raises funds for the Crystal Breast Health Unit at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital’s Cancer Centre. I’m a founding Director for the Girl Kind Foundation, which raises awareness of gendercide in British Columbia.  I’m an active member in the Indo-Canadian Business Association and Executive Director for the White Rock Multicultural Board. I'm a Rotarian and past President for Rotary Club of Abbotsford Sumas. I share this, because I encourage you to choose something that speaks to you, as it’s one of the most rewarding things I continue to do.

With love, 

Aman Gill


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My Mission

Each of us has a different view of normal, its filtered through our own reality and life experiences. 

Change is the only constant whether we choose to accept it or not. 

My object is to show those amongst the changing current that growth is amongst this very tidal wave.  By brining them inspiring Philanthropists, Philosophers, Business People, Community Activists and Spiritual Leaders.

We all have the ability to transforms someone life. Thank you for assisting me with day one of someones journey. All it takes is one person, one family and one community to create the change we desire.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead


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